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Cytosial Medium 1.1ml


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A filler that is suitable for definition and filling.Treat lips, apply lip contour, fill in perioral smoke wrinkles (smoke lines), nasolabial folds, forehead folds and tear trough with Cytosial medium.Its water-binding capacity contributes to a higher moisture content in the skin as well as improving skin texture.

* HA concentration 25mg / ml.

* Volume 1.1 ml.

* Needle size 25g or 30g.

* Injection depth: Superficial dermis.

* BDDE 1.15%.

* Shelf life 6-12 months.

* Suitable for injection into superficial and middle dermis.

The filler is packed with a syringe of 1.1 ml and two needles, 30g and 27g respectively.

Cytosial medium offers a stable injection force without any significant variation, thus better adaptation of the injection technique during treatment.