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MINT Lift Easy-Needle Length


Only left in stock


* Thread length: 424 mm

* Roof length: 340 mm

* USP size: 1-0

* Needle length: 130mm 19g (not cannula)

- Neck / Double chin

- Children / Middle face

Jaw / Jaw lift

- Eyebrow lift

MINT EASY: A thread that is primarily intended for the neck and double chin.

With a single thread that is 43 cm, you lift a larger area.

Can also be used on the rest of the face if there is experience of this.

Mint Lift Easy belongs to the ANCHORING & DOUBLE CHIN series .

Can be combined with other series to strengthen such as Easy from the series, Fix / Fix Minfra series FIXATION and the series LIFTING.

2 pcs threads in a package