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MINT Lift FIX 18G 150mm

Size Pack (4pcs)

Only left in stock


* Thread length: 150 mm

* Roof length: 95 mm

* USP stl: 2-0

* Cannula 18G

- Eyebrows

- Cheeks / middle face

Käke / Käklinje

- Throat

MINT FIX from the series FIXATION : A thread that strengthens and prolongs the effect of other Cog threads.

The duration will be longer and the result better.

Any depressions and irregularities are improved.

Above all, it has a fixing effect, as well as a certain lifting effect.

FIX is the first PDO wire with multidirectional barbs.

This is often used as a complement to a longer-lasting result.

4 pcs threads / pack (SEK 372.50 / pc)

20 threads / box (SEK 340 / pc)