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MINT Lift FIX-Mini 19G

Size Pack (4pcs)

Only left in stock


* Thread length: 160 mm

* Roof length: 50 mm

* USP stl: 2-0

* Cannula 18G

- Eyebrows

- Children / Middle face

MINT FIX-MINI: Is a thread that strengthens and prolongs the effect of other Cog threads.

The duration will be longer and the result better.

Any depressions and irregularities are improved.

Has above all fixing effect, and lifting effect.

Same type as MINT-FIX but slightly shorter.

This is often used as a complement to a longer-lasting result.

4 pcs threads / pack (SEK 311.25 / pc)

20 threads / box (SEK 294.75 / pc)