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MINT Lift MONO 30, 50pcs

Size 30mm

Only left in stock


- Thread length 30 mm - needle: 30G 30mm

- Thread length 50 mm - needle: 29G 40mm

- Thread length 70 mm - needle: 29G 50mm

Areas of use:

- Face
- Thear through area (short mono / twin)
- Throat
- Double chin
- Decoltage

- Lips (short / mono-Twin

MINT MONO : Non-cog threads provide tissue stimulation in the area where they are placed, as a result of this the skin becomes more vital and has a firming effect.

It is also possible to stimulate the area to increase or decrease volume, so as areas where we need to add volume, this can be achieved with twisted mono threads alternatively.

Acne scars can be suggested to be improved in their structure by placing non-cog threads in a network under the tissue.

These thin threads without barbs are suitable on any skin-covered surface.

Thin threads are used to advantage in addition to thick ones to provide additional stimulation.

50 threads in a BOX